The Centre of Technology and Systems (CTS) aims to develop theoretical and applied research and encourages technology transfer mostly supported by spin offs and deep involvement in international R&D projects. The scientific results are expected to contribute to improve the graduate training in the academia and contribute to the internationalization of our center. We participate in many international projects financed by the European Union, the European Space Agency, industries and also financed by national funds such as FCT and other companies. We also participate in several international actions as joint papers, international events organization, etc.

The CTS integrates 3 research lines (Microelectronics and telecommunications; Energy Efficiency Industrial and Intelligent control and Decision Support Systems; Computer Engineering)  each with 3 research areas. The rationale behind is to facilitate, for all the research lines, research from physical devices to more elaborated systems relying on software development and analog/digital interfaces. Computer engineering, as an upper layer addresses interoperable connections within complex systems, intelligent decision systems and interfaces and modeling collaborative networks.

The centre maintains a database for publications (, and for structure description the web site ( .

The CTS infrastructure is located in the UNIVOVA buildings (1000m2) inside the campus of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculdade Ciências e Tecnologia. It includes equipments dedicated to research, meeting rooms and offices. It is also supported by administrative and financial Services and Networking.